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In addition to conducting research, I've worked with system development teams to create game-based learning prototypes, improve course design, and assess existing systems.

The Chroniclers

The Chroniclers is a 3D graphic adventure prototype intended to teach both information literacy and world-history to middle-school students. Without information literacy, names, dates, and events may be simply accepted and tossed aside after each lesson. In this single-player game, students play as time-travelling guardians of history that solve problems in various ancient settings. To solve these problems, players must gather, evaluate, and, most importantly, create new information by grappling with sources that illustrate historical context and perspectives

Intended gameplay aligns with the Missouri Learning Standards, 6-12 Social Studies Grade Level Expectations, provided by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as well as the National Council for Social Studies Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.


Object-based learning includes the active incorporation of historic artifacts into educational environments, which may yield meaningful learning experiences. However, gaining access to artifacts and coordinating object-based curricula with museum staff pose immense challenges to educators. Furthermore, digital representations of historic artifacts are often removed from authentic, culturally-situated surroundings. Kresy shows how video game affordances, particularly interactive narrative, may support object-based learning in digital environments. To support object-based learning and engagement with 20th -century Eastern European history, Kresy weaves story through evidence collection and inquiry mechanics. 


Designing Games for Learning

The following lecture provides a glimpse at my game-design process (and teaching), focusing on connecting learning mechanics with game mechanics. Within, I describe the level designs and show mock-ups for two video games: one on Eastern European history titled Kresy, the other on The Chroniclers


LibWay is library orientation system prototype delivered in an iOS application. 
LibWay teaches library users the foundational skills of searching and retrieving books and rewards them with access to a web-based tool that visualizes navigation.
Additionally, this prototype is designed to be open source. Anyone can adapt LibWay for their library.

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